Solid Slab Foundations

  • Steel Foundation Support Pier

    B & B steel pier installation process is landscape 'friendly'. Shrubs are very seldom lost and planter walls are rarely disturbed. Unlike the concrete pier installation process, with steel piers the amount of soil disturbed is minimal. This translates into less destruction to lawns.
  • Speed

    B & B steel piers are installed on the average 10 times quicker than concrete piers. Our piers are driven hydraulically, and once they are in place,the building may be raised. There is no seven-day curing time required for steel piers as for concrete piers. For example, most concrete pier jobs require eight to 10 days to complete. B & B can accomplish the same results in one to three days, on an average.
  • Vital Support

    B & B hydraulically drives each pier until it reaches rock or load-bearing strata. The load-bearing strata is considered reached when at least 5,000 P.S.I. sustained resistance is encountered. That translates into over 30,000 force pounds of support! B & B is equipped to drive each pier as deep as it needs to go to reach that level of resistance, and the A.P.I. residential pier is load tested to deliver thousands of force pounds beyond that point.