Pier and Beam Foundations

Most older pier and beam structures are braced with wooden stifflegs or other unstable objects, such as bricks or rocks. These types of bracing do not remain stable. With a wood to ground contact, the bottom of these stifflegs are subject to erosion from moisture and wood feeding bugs. Problems such as shaky floors, settling walls, cracked sheet rock, and uneven doors can easily occur. These substructures need to be supported with high-strength concrete base and block type bracing. These types of bracing can give high-strength and long-life support to any substructure. By using these improved types of bracing we can remove settlement problems.

We see many structures that have a problem with water pooling at the foundation. These small pools of water are much more harmful than they appear. These problems can be solved by proper landscaping, such as banking dirt at the foundation, among other techniques. Many of these can be done by the owner with little or no expense. Call our office to speak to a professional about your particular problems.