House Problems and Services

Does your home have any of the following indicators? These are all common problems of movement in your home.

  • Exterior Indicators:

    -Stair-stepping cracks in brick walls.
    -Bowed or non-vertical walls.
    -Tilting of landscaping and retaining walls.
    -Sagging brick lines when sighting along a wall.
    -Separation of wood trim joints at corners.
    -Separation of concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio from foundation.
  • Interior Indicators:

    -Cracks in the sheet rock/ceilings.
    -Cracks above doors.
    -Cracks in concrete floors.
    -Bottom of the wall separating from the floor.
    -Cracks at wall corners.
    -Sticking doors and windows.
    -Sloping floor surface.
    -Cracks in ceramic or vinyl tile.
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